Our Furniture Warehouse - Brando Dual Motion Dual Electric With Right Chaise

Brando Dual Motion Dual Electric With Right Chaise

Product Description

Sophistication, comfort with all the bells and whistles, simply put our Brando has the lot. Designed as a modular construction for greater size and shape flexibility the Brando is also available in your choice of left or right side chaise.

Features :

* 2 x Electric recliners with electric head rests. 

* Storage console with touch light, charging station and hidden slid back cupholders.

* Adjustable back rests on all seats.

*Secret fold out arm storage with wireless charging, magazine storage and cupholder.

Overall Size: 3450mm x 2500mm


Product available approximately on 30/11/2021

$3,498.00 save $801.00

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